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We are a team of professionals that care about efficiency, conservation, and the environment.

Using advanced Energy Data Systems to support Building Performance with ENERGY STAR, we assist public agencies, school districts and various commercial organizations in developing a sustainable culture that continually eliminates energy waste and consequently reduces energy usage and costs. 

We work closely alongside ENERGY STAR initiatives and have helped several of our clients achieve Partner of the Year status, the highest level of EPA recognition. 

We're here to help you save.

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What is ENERGY STAR, and what does my score mean?

  • You may have seen that little blue square logo on energy-efficient appliances. It can also represent energy-efficient buildings. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed the ENERGY STAR program to act as a benchmarking aid and provide energy conservation support. When equipment or buildings can prove that they run efficiently, they can become ENERGY STAR certified.
  • The 1-100 ENERGY STAR score represents how a building’s energy consumption measures against similar buildings nationwide. For example, if a building’s score is 50, then its energy consumption is more efficient than 50% of other buildings in its type. A score of 75 or more means that building is a top performer in energy efficiency and is eligible for ENERGY STAR certification.

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