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EnergyCenter™ 4.0 is here!

Extending beyond traditional energy accounting software, the EnergyCenter serves as your one-stop shop to help you collect, track and interpret energy data into applicable energy-saving activities.

Save more energy, save more money, save more time! Get started today.

It’s a sleek, awesome tool. I’m extremely happy with it. The data entry is perfect, and I can’t wait to use the ENERGY STAR mapping. The transition from UM to 4.0 was extremely smooth, and if I ever have a question, I just call up [support] and it’s done right away. I’m a happy camper!

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What is ENERGY STAR, and what does my score mean?

  • You may have seen that little blue square logo on energy-efficient appliances. It can also represent energy-efficient buildings. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed the ENERGY STAR program to act as a benchmarking aid and provide energy conservation support. When equipment or buildings can prove that they run efficiently, they can become ENERGY STAR certified.
  • The 1-100 ENERGY STAR score represents how a building’s energy consumption measures against similar buildings nationwide. For example, if a building’s score is 50, then its energy consumption is more efficient than 50% of other buildings in its type. A score of 75 or more means that building is a top performer in energy efficiency and is eligible for ENERGY STAR certification.

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